At BioPak our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality eco-friendly packaging and food service disposables available in the market today.

Presently, we meet this goal by utilising the world’s best biopolymer and packaging technologies from countries all over the world.

Our product range currently includes:
* Coffee cups
* Eatware plates bowls & lunch boxes
* BioCane
* Cutlery & Straws
* Soup cups
* Compostable Clear Cups
* Clear PLA Containers
* Compostable Foam Trays
* Compostable Bags
* Eatware Trays
* Stretch wrap
and more.

At BioPak, we purchase carbon credits to offset the impact of our business. These carbon credits support projects that help developing countries reduce our footprint. These credits are verified carbon offsets generated by the Haryana Renewable Energy Project.

[Download BioPak's Case Study PDF here]

BioPak was born out of the desire to provide packaging solutions while serving broader missions of environmental stewardship, social justice and consumer education.

At BioPak we provide Australian companies environmentally friendly solutions by supplying ecologically compatibility raw materials that do not negatively affect a products economic, social or practical usefulness

In addition to our wide range of biodegradable materials, our dedicated sales, market development and technical specialists work hand-in-hand with manufacturers, processors and end users to provide assistance with new product applications, product development and prototyping together with product performance testing and processing support.

The founders of BioPak offer a unique blend of experience in packaging engineering and innovation, product branding, retail and foodservice sales, and strategic marketing specific to the fresh foods industry. Within this scope, there is additional expertise in international sourcing and sales, logistics and supply chain management, as well as technical and field customer service.

By choosing to use disposable packaging made from plants, our customers are helping to save significant quantities of natural resources, while at the same time reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

With the most comprehensive range of bio based packaging materials, we are able to tailor a completely biodegradable packaging solution for your products. Enhancing your brand image and providing you with a unique marketing advantage.

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